Give Your Mind a good Spring Clean…

Hearing myself speak again still feels surreal.

I have drafted this post SO MANY times and never could quite get it right. Then I realised I was including too much nonsense information when all I need to say is this…I lost my voice repeatedly for six months due to ‘intense stress’. At first I welcomed the voice loss – it meant I didn’t have to deal with things. After more than two months with it gone, I deeply missed it. I talk now. I feel recharged and brand new. My mind does not feel as if it will explode anymore. I am good.

If you feel a little overwhelmed talk to someone- ANYONE. In the words of one the eight year olds at my school, ‘if you were sad you should have just told the Government. They would have done something.’ Well kid, I actually started talking to a stranger (something you should never do until you’re a grown up!)- and she is a Blessing who came out of the blue.